Graphics for the Normal Church
I am a pastor. Early on I realized that great graphics were a help to the church. The problem was, we didn't have the money to pay a professional to create original, stunning graphics. So, I learned to do it myself. 
This is my heart - help the church, for what the church can afford. To be honest, many others can do far better work than I can. I am limited. However, what I can do is all most churches really need. 
My pricing is what you can afford.

My pricing is what you can afford. Let me know what you need, if I have the time I'll let you know what the charge will be. If this is good for both of us, I'll get it done for you. Simple. 
- More t-shirts than you can imagine. Adoption, church event, student ministry etc. 
- Website Graphics.
- Sermon Graphics - projection, social media headers, wallpapers, bulletin covers, YouVersion Live Event Graphic.
- Promotional - digital ads, shareable ads, etc.
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